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Every child deserves the best learning environment but finding the right support, or skilled staff, isn’t always easy. And that’s where we can help.

We provide tutors and mentors to support schools and the local authority, who are finding a child’s requirements difficult to meet. Our aim is to break down the barriers to a child’s learning and find the path that opens that child’s willingness to learn.

Every child has a fundamental right to have their educational needs met and we ensure that our tutors have the necessary skills to achieve this. Our collaborative approach with students, parents and schools, along with a willingness to learn, is the key to enabling every child to succeed.
Our tutors are skilled in teaching children with a range of learning needs and we ensure each child is given the expertise they need to reach their potential.

Using adaptable teaching styles, innovative strategies and the latest tools and technologies allows them to tailor their approach to meet the varying needs of different children. The goal is for every student to feel comfortable and confident to learn in a way that suits them. This style of tutoring doesn’t necessarily mean classroom curriculum learning, it can be anything from fun tasks to practice maths skills or enjoyable trips to work on behavioural skills.

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